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In Memoriam (4/12/97 – 12/22/09)

On December 22, 2009, NFC FC AFC Five Star General Patton passed away. The sporting world is saddened by his loss. Patton was the 2003 National Champion and five-time National Finalist and he leaves a legacy of many pups who are runing in their sire's winning footsteps. More importantly, the Bredeson family has lost a wonderful companion. To send a note to Patton's family or share your stories of Patton, please click here.



Coolwater’s Knockout Punch Wins Big in 2008

A special congratulations to Coolwater’s Knockout Punch! “Punch” is the 2008 High Point Derby dog, and winner of the Purina Award for High Point Derby Dog.

NFC FC AFC Five Star General Patton is the sire of Coolwater’s Knockout Punch and Punch seems to be following in his father's winning footsteps.

Team Punch



Patton Featured in Artist's Series

Renowned artist Chris Chantland has chosen Patton as his model for a series of prints, t-shirts and etched crystal.

Chris is the official artist of the National Retriever Club and National Amateur Retriever Club and his paintings are in the collections of people like Mac and Lynn DuBose, Luann Pleasant, Tommy Parish, Jim & Judy Powers and Ted Turner.

Chris' work can be viewed at, which features work by some of the most talented sporting artists from around the country.

To order one of these handsome pieces, visit his web site at Customers who purchase items at this site will earn $.50 for every $1 they spend for an original portrait of their own dog or family member.




Son of Patton Wins Big at Mississippi Valley Retriever Club

Congratulations to Five Star’s General Upgrade who won both Derby and Qualifying at the Mississippi Valley Retriever Club. Grady is just 21 months old and is shown here with Carol of Run-a-Muck Retrievers, who trained Grady in his basics. Grady is now training with Mike Lardy and rides in the truck next to his dad, NFC FC AFC Five Star General Patton.


Patton's Kids Take the Derby at Watopa

Congratulations to the Troops that placed!! 1st place went to Circle C’s Five Star General Mac Arthur, 3rd to Candlewood’s Five Star Ike, and 4th place to Patton’s Eversharps Quest to Lead. To see more of Patton's kids, click here. Or if you're interested in your own Patton puppy, visit our Pups page.


Patton Is On the Move Again!

After a long winter break, NFC FC AFC Five Star General Patton has started running trials again. He has placed in 3 in a row, running with assistant trainer Ray Voigt. Stay tuned for more as Patton continues his winning ways!


Patton a Finalist for Fourth Straight Year

03 NFC AFC Five Star General Patton had another outstanding showing at the 2006 National Retriever Championship in Weldon Spring, MO., finishing as one of the fifteen finalists. Under the watchful eye and skilled training of Mike Lardy, Patton has finished in the top 15 for four straight years. Owner Debra Bredeson says, "I am honored and proud to have such an incredible team compete together 4 years in a row, with such remarkable success.  Patton and Mike have the utmost respect and affection for each other."

Patton's finishes include:
2003 WINNER of National Open Championship
2004 Finalist of National Open Championship
2005 Finalist of National Open Championship
2005 Finalist of National Amateur Championship
2006 Finalist of National Open Championship


Patton Qualifies for 2006 National Open

By placing 2nd at Blackhawk Retriever Club with trainer Ray Voigt, Five Star General Patton is now qualified for 2006 National Open.

Patton Featured on a New Line of Shirts from Ducks Unlimited

Patton's portrait has been selected for a new line of t-shirts from Ducks Unlimited. The portrait by artist Chris Chantland is one of several designs in the series. You can order a Patton shirt from The shirts are $20.00 each, plus shipping.

Patton a Winner at the Madison Retriever Club

Deb and Five Star General Patton won the Open at the Madison Retriever Club, May 5th, 2006. That Qualifies Patton for the National Amateur, and gives him 102-½ All Age points!


News About Patton's "Kids"

Check out the newest addition to the Five Star Retrievers' web site, Patton's Troops. Now that Patton's offspring are starting to compete, you can check out their accomplishments here.


Patton a Finalist in the 2005 National Retriever Championship!

'03 NFC AFC Five Star General Patton (#54) made a strong showing at the 2005 National Retriever Championship, finishing the trial as one of the 15 finalists.

Double Header in Wisconsin!

Patton and Deb win both the Open and the Amateur stakes at the Madison Retriever Club, right at home in Wisconsin.